Greetings and good wishes to all. This is a message to Parents, Guardians, Teachers, students and well wishers of the school. You are an integral part of the Pailan World School family and I thank you for your contribution you have made in terms of your interaction with the school and its functioning.

Our Aim is to help our students to be responsible citizens. We have motivated faculty and students involved in active learning with the use of modern technology. In addition, we aim to impart education that promotes educational excellence, physical fitness, social and spiritual awareness, health and a serious concern for environment.

In my message to our students I would say, “Being aware of everything around you is the best way to prepare yourself for the future. But then merely learning from texts is not enough. There are questions to be asked. There are answers to be sought, recorded and learnt. More importantly, as we grow, our education and learning should have a positive effect on our behaviour, conduct and discipline. What you learn must be applied to life around you.

Students should ask themselves three basic questions: 1.) Who am I? 2.) What am I doing here? 3.) Where do I go from here? These questions are goal preceptors. They make you think about what or who you are, what is your duty and responsibility as a student and what you want to do with your life now in the present and later in the future. Once the target is perceived – reaching it should motivate you to do your best to achieve it and make your dreams a reality.

Teachers should teach their students to learn the importance of competition, through both competitive learning games in the classroom, and through activities and athletics outside the classroom. Some kind of prize or reward usually motivates them to play, so students learn early to associate winning with the need to excel. Likewise, Students must learn the Pledge of Allegiance and the stories of the nation’s heroes and exploits. The need to instill patriotic values in
students is ever so great in this, the twenty – first century and hence it should be made an important part of the school curriculum.

Parents, Guardians and Well-wishers of the school should continue to interact with the school through Parent – Teacher Meetings and other social activities organized by the school. Parents should know everything about their children. It is important to know how your child is growing up. What are his or her positive responses or otherwise. How are they coping with the teaching and learning process in the school? Their likes and dislikes. Their eagerness to participate in the activities offered by the school. Your encouragement is important. Be positive with your child and make him or her understand your expectations within a reasonable and achievable limit and the importance to do well.

Every effort will be made to ensure that each child gets a level and fair field of study and performance. We will be there to guide and nurture them.

I conclude with a note of optimism that all of us will do our bit to take the school to newer heights of achievement and glory. Take care and may God bless you.

Mrs. K. A. Prabal
Pailan World School